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PAL - Kids on the Hill Golf Program.  Members participate for six weeks of learning skills and the etiquette of the game as well as time to play and incorporate the teaching a six different courses.  This program is sponsored by The First Tee and brings together PAL members from both Philadelphia and Abington.  

Kids on the Hill 

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Gents covered four key areas with a variety of opportunities to learn what many young people perceive as "adult"life skills.  This highly interactive program was led by Abington Officers, in uniform, giving both the boys and the officers a chance to form relationships. 

Skills for School and work, participants learned how to complete an application for their first job and even prepare a short resume.  They then practiced shaking hands, making eye contact, and speaking clearly and confidently.  The boys were taught how to do laundry and iron a shirt, the benefits of physical fitness.  Tattoos were discussed and how they may relate to their future careers, and they learned how to tie a tie. 

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Here the boys practice using a basic home tool kit and had fun using screwdrivers, wrenches and drills.  


Basic Auto Repair.  Local businessman Tom Sawyer first showed the boys and then had them practice how to change a tire, check the oil, and use jumper cables to jump a dead battery.  

Lt. Saurman took the lead, and officers volunteering included ACO Ron Griffith, Ofc. Ran Brown, Ofc . Dan Prior, Ofc. Nate Walters, Ofc. Paul Welsh and Ofc. Lee Yochum.  

Thanks to the dedication of these officers to this program. 

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